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Technical engineering firm, specialized in audio-visual and multimedia, we conduct our engineering activities since 2009.



Projects owners, architects, project managers and general contractors, we help you by managing your multimedia, audio-visual and ICT projects.

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Project owner assistance, project management, technical consultant, organizational and technical expertise, audit, electro-acoustical measurements.

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Foundation stone of ATRIUM

Apr 24, 2019

On Tuesday 16/04/19, we laid the foundation stone of ATRIUM, the future Learning Center of the Montpellier 3 University. LM Ingénierie Audiovisuel has been working for 3 years as AV consultant within the team of SCAU, Costes Architectures, Oteis, Egis, Transolar and Ginger CEBTP (Photo: Twitter @COMUE_LRU)

Competition Winner | CD-13

Feb 19, 2019

One year after the delivery of the AV renovation of Haute Garonne Council Hall, we are very proud and happy to be selected as Project Owner Assistant by the Departmental Council of Bouches du Rhône for the evolution & refurbishement of the AV equipments of hemicycles and meeting rooms of the Departmental council building.

Best wishes

Jan 8, 2019

The LM Ingénierie AV wishes you a happy new year