2016 - 2018

Project description

Covivio currently developps Silex2 Tower in Lyon, including a high-rise building next to the existing tower, and two office buildings adjacent to it, designed by architects Ma Architectes &ARTE Charpentier, and interiors desginer Juan Trindade & Philippe Mirailler (JTPM). The delivery of the buildings is planned in 2018.

Included in the project, an 165 seats auditorium located on the 2nd and 3rd floors of the high-rise tower.

LM Ingénierie Audiovisuel works with Covivio and the project management team for the technical planning and the audio-visual design of the auditorium.


Project team

Project Owner: Covivio (formerly Foncière des Régions)
Architect: Ma Architectes / ARTE Charpentier
Interiors Designer: Juan Trindade - Philippe Mirailler

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