2013 - 2017

Project description

Project of university restructuring, the Montpellier Campus operation redefines the big campuses of tomorrow by creating real places of life open on the town and on the economic world.

The project of construction of the New Medicine Faculty must integrate the improvement of teaching techniques.

Modern communication tools (video sharing, simulations renderings, knowledge exchanges between remote sites, class in videoconference, …) comfortable environments, adapted and innovating devices.

In 2013, LM Ingénierie realized feasibility and pre-programmatic studies for Languedoc Roussilon Aménagement.

In 2015, LM Ingénierie Audiovisuel won the AV consultant contract for on-site deployment with Montpellier University.


Project team

Project Owner: Region of Languedoc Roussillon & Montpellier University

Deputy Project Owner: Languedoc Roussilon Aménagement

Architect: François Fontes

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