Aix En Provence

2016 - 2018

Project description

At the end of 2016 Science Po Aix began a project to redesign its teaching space in its Saporta site. This campus is identified as representative and destined to be the showcase of the evolution to the digital of this institution.

The mission of design won by LM Ingénierie Audiovisuel has in its scope, the renovation of a multimedia room which provides teachers with a whole set of digital tools, also the creation of a TV studio which permit students to create their own video contents in full autonomy and with this content supply the school’s youtube channel.

In a second step, the refurbishement of 4 amphitheatres of the same site was designed and managed by LM Ingénierie Audiovisuel for a delivery in 2018.


Project team

Project Owner:  Institut d’Études Politiques d’Aix en Provence

Audio-visual Consultant: LM Ingénierie Audiovisuel

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