2017 - 2019

Project description

Union Investment started in 2016 a restructuration of the building « Centre d’Affaires Paris Victoire » in the 9eme arrondissement of Paris. This site is offering long leases for corporate spaces and event spaces to rent for specific events.

LM Ingénierie Audiovisuel was choose to help the general contractor Quadrilatère to define the technical needs for the meeting spaces and the event spaces.

One of those space is the Espaces ERP, it was made of an auditorium designed to work with other spaces in the building to be able to host seminaries, conferences and all sorts of events. The creative room, the briefing room and the atelier/table d’hôtes are spaces designed to help thinking and informal ways of communication. These innovative spaces are equipped with touch-screen and wireless connexion technology tools.  

The building is also equipped with dynamic displays designed by LM Ingénieri Audiovisuel to facilitate the reservation and localization of the spaces.


Project team

Project Owner: Union investment

Operator: Arpège

General Contracto: Quadrilatère

HVAC & Electricity consultant: Cap Ingélec

AV consultant: LM Ingénierie Audiovisuel

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